Why Feed A Raw Diet?

Dogs and Cats are Carnivores:

When we say “raw” we are referring to a species appropriate diet.  Dogs and cats are scientifically classified as carnivores.  Their teeth and digestive systems are specially adapted for eating whole raw prey: meat, bones, organs, fat and skin.  Their nutritional needs have not changed much over their years of domestication.  The best, most highly digestible diet for our domesticated carnivores is a prey model diet based on a variety of raw meaty bones and whole carcasses.


What can they eat?

As much variety as possible, the more protein sources the better:  chicken, turkey, pork, beef, quail, game hen, rabbit, lamb, goat, venison, and emu, just to name a few.  Prey model feeding refers to feeding all aspects of food: Meat, bones, organs, fat, skin, fur, feathers.


What are some of the benefits of feeding a raw diet?

Shinier, healthier skin

Fresher breath/cleaner teeth

Improved digestion

Improvement with allergy symptoms

Decreased shedding

Increased stamina

Firmer, smaller stools

A general increase in overall health


Why switch?

Because you want your pet to live the longest, healthiest life possible!

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